Generatore High Frequency MAG-450

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MAG 450
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Generatore di segnali per R.F.

da 100 KHz  a 150 Mhz 

-Advanced circuit design with imported components ensure minimum accuracy deviation.
-Signal frequency:100kHz~150MHz, 3 harmonic up to 450MHz
-Output wave form:sine and amplitude-modulation wave
-RF/AM output, max, intensity≥10Vp-p
-External modulation signal can be set between 50Hz~20kHz



Model MAG-450 RF Signal Generator
Frequency ranges  A: 100KHz~300KHz
  B: 300KHz~1MHz 
  C: 1MHz~3.2MHz 
  D: 3MHz~10MHz 
  E: 10MHz~35MHz 
  F: 32MHz~150MHz
Frequency range  100KHz~150MHz (3rd harmonic wave up to 450MHz)
Frequency accuracy  �3%
Output waveform  RF/AM signal waveform   
Output impedance  600W
Radio frequency output  Over 100 mVrms (when frequency ≤35MHz )
Level control  1mV~100mV
Internal modulation  1KHz �2% >2Vrms output   (1KHz�2%>2Vrms)
External modulation  50Hz~20KHz for any setting  (50Hz-20KHz)
Normal operation  10�C to 35�C/within 85%RH 
Power supply  220V/110V +/-10%; 50Hz/60Hz
Dimensions  128(W) x 190(H) x 239(D) mm
Weight 4kg

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